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Big Games in June 2024

A big shout-out to the following members who achieved big games recently: ​​

If you have a Big Game, be sure to tell us so that we can ​celebrate your success!


Unit 169's Jefferson Trophy
(in honor of Ken Anderson)

The Jefferson Trophy is awarded annually to the person(s) who earned the highest number of masterpoints at the Greensboro Sectional Tournament.


The 2024 trophy was won by David Idleman who earned a total of 26 masterpoints over three days, June 13-15.  David is shown with Joanne McClusky, Tournament Chairman.  Congratulations David!

Jefferson Trophy Award_061424.jpg

Unit 169's David Parson's Trophy

The David Parson's trophy is awarded to the Non-Life Master obtaining the most masterpoints during the year.   David Parson, a Greensboro resident, encouraged novices to participate in duplicate bridge and helped many to succeed.  David passed in 2015.

James Skidmore has won the trophy in both 2022 and 2023.

Davidi Parsons Trophy.jpg
Player of the Year_103120.jpg

The Tim Stecker Player of the Year Award

The Tim Stecker Player of the Year Award is awarded annually to recognize the player with the most success in unit-sanctioned games. It is named in honor of our board member and statistician for the award, Tim, who passed away in June, 2020.  

The award is based on the number of master points earned at our Saturday Unit Games and at our  sectional and non-life master tournaments.  In order to win you have to be a member of Unit 169 and play in at least eight Unit Games.  The person with the most master points at the end of the year wins our Unit’s most prestigious "Tim Stecker Player of the Year Award."​

Awards and Recognition.jpg

ACBL Awards and Recognition
A list of all ACBL awards can be found on the ACBL website or Click HERE

lifetime mps.JPG

Central Carolina Lifetime Masterpoints


Click HERE  for Central Carolina Lifetime Masterpoints (alphabetical listing)

Click HERE for website

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