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Unit 169 Boosters - 2024

Our mission is to provide challenging and fun bridge tournament experiences for Central Carolina Bridge Association members


Our focus is to successfully execute four quality bridge tournaments each year.  This entails using great venues with easy access and parking, clean facilities, providing appropriate snacks and beverages, and using quality ACBL directors.  In order to achieve this goal, we need additional financial support.  We are asking our friends who love this game to help.  The cost of hosting a quality tournament has increased and, as we build back our attendance at our tournaments, entry fees do not completely cover our cost.  Therefore, we are seeking a yearly contribution from those who can and are willing to help Unit 169.  We will not be passing envelopes at club games asking for contributions. By securing appropriate funding up front, we can plan and budget appropriately for each tournament.  Those who chose to help will become members of the Central Carolina Bridge Association Unit 169 Boosters.  There will be recognition and appreciation events for those who join.


Please note that our annual expenses for Unit 169-sponsored tournaments total approximately $80,000 ... before the first attendee walks thru the door!  Even though our bank balance is healthy, it is because of these up-front expenses that the money in our account is maintained as a 6-9 month reserve.  


Checks should be made payable to "Central Carolina Bridge Association" and given to one of the Unit's board members, or mailed to Dixie Culver, Treasurer, 2318 Kirkpatrick Place, Greensboro, NC  27408.


January thru March Participants:

Andy Symmes 

Anne Osborne

Avery Lloyd

Barbara Pomer

Benji Cone

Bill Wisdom

Bob Hale

Bob Rhodes

Bob Sill

Claudia Hale

Daryl Adams

Diane Pusch

Dixie Culver 

Eric Lee

Judy Hellen

Judy Piper

Kathy Dwyer

Louise Kelly

Mark Meyer

Martha Meyer

Melissa Waldron

Nancy Osborne
Pat Cambareri

Ruth Short

Susan Mann

Susan Williford

Suzanne Rhodes

Ted Edgar

Wayne Sykes

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