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Unit 169 has elected Dixie Culver and Rich Peffer to be our 2023/2024 Goodwill Ambassadors.  Dixie and Rich will represent our Unit at the District 7 celebration in Greenville, South Carolina in June.


Dixie and Rich were nominated by members at large in our Unit and were elected by the Unit Board in December 2022. A ”Goodwill Ambassador” is one of the highest honors bestowed by our Unit 169, District 7 and the ACBL.  This honor represents members who love the game of bridge and exhibit excellent manners at the table, respectful of fellow players and have contributed to the growth and enjoyment of the game.  Both Dixie and Rich have shown themselves to be excellent examples of these values.


Dixie has been a member of Unit 169 for over 10 years.  She has served on our Board of Directors for the last 5 years.  Currently Dixie is the Secretary/Treasurer of Unit 169.  She manages all of our financial accounts and is responsible for budgeting and planning our activities for the year.  She has given her time freely supporting our tournaments and helping with our Unit games.  If you need something done Dixie is always the first person raising her hand to help.  Dixie is creative and has brought new ideas and practices into Unit 169.  She is thoughtful and a great friend of the game.


Rich Peffer has been a member of Unit 169 for 12 years and has served on the Board for the last 4 years. Rich is a bridge teacher and a Director and runs several games in the area.   He engaged the Unit’s members to support our very successful “Learn Bridge is  a Day” Program in August 2022, which attracted over 120 new players.  He applied  for and received grants from the ACBL and District 7 to help fund this project.  He hired Patty Tucker a renowned bridge teacher to run this event.  Currently,  Rich is the point person  for growing our membership.  He gives his time freely to mentor new players and is working very hard to find new directors and teachers for Unit 169.  Rich is  our Unit’s Game Director two Saturdays a month.  Durning the pandemic, Rich was responsible for keeping our members safe when they attended Unit games and tournaments.


Both Dixie and Rich are great examples of people in Unit 169 who help make our bridge experience in the Triad fun.  Their efforts are duly recognized by our Membership and the Board.  Congratulations,  Dixie and Rich for being Unit 169, 2023/2024, Goodwill Ambassadors.

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Cindy was selected by the District 7 Board of Directors as an Eileen Osofsky National Goodwill Ambassador.  Cindy will be recognized with a pin at a national celebration in June in Greenville, SC. Cindy had served as the Unit’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2018.  It is hard to list all of Cindy’s contributions to the game of bridge.  Cindy has been a member of our Unit for over 28 years, served on the board for over 10 years.  Cindy  currently directs several games each week in Winston Salem and has been the long-term Tournament Chair for the late summer Winston Salem  Sectional.   Cindy was the Tournament Chair for our first NLM Regional held in High Point in 2019.  That tournament was one of the first NLM regionals and was one of the best attended in the country and a big financial success. Cindy agreed to Chair our second NLM tournament last February. Cindy has served as Unit Director in the past.  Her efforts to get people out to play bridge are noteworthy.  Cindy has grown our Winton Salem membership.  She helped jumpstart the Unit’s offering of “Learn Bridge in a Day” program with Rich Peffer.  We are so happy that the District 7 recognized what Unit 169  has know for a long time. Cindy is the glowing example of a Goodwill Ambassador.  Cindy congratulations!

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About Goodwill Ambassador

Every two years the ACBL recognizes a person within our Unit who has made a contribution to the game.  This award will be presented to the proud recipient in Greenville, SC  at a special dinner during the regional tournament in June. 

All members of Unit 169 can nominate people who have made a contribution to our local games and tournaments.  For example, you could nominate someone that has helped you or has made bridge more enjoyable over the past two years, or someone who exhibited gracious table manners and kindness to partners and opponents.  Many of our members have volunteered their time to help run games and tournaments.


Our Unit and District 7 is committed to providing  the best organization and tournaments in the country. In pursuit of that, we support the principles of goodwill, including Zero Tolerance, active ethics, full disclosure and other concepts designed to make bridge more pleasant for everyone.


Some of the components of goodwill include:

• Observes both the laws and ethics of the game

• Plays competitively and is always fair

• Is gracious in victory as well as defeat

• Is pleasant as both a partner and an opponent

• Exhibits good manners at the table and helps others enjoy the experience

• Graciously abides by rulings of the director

• Does not give unsolicited bridge lessons at the table

• Avoids discussion of boards in the presence of new opponents

• Gives due consideration to personal appearance and conduct

• Does not become quarrelsome or angry during the game

• Genuinely promotes bridge and upholds its reputation

• Gives back to the game through mentoring newer players

• Volunteers in administration of the game

• Promotes the game by example

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