Every two years the ACBL recognizes a person within our Unit who has made a contribution to the game.  This award will be presented to the proud recipient in Greenville, SC  at a special dinner during the regional tournament in June. 

All members of Unit 169 can nominate people who have made a contribution to our local games and tournaments.  For example, you could nominate someone that has helped you or has made bridge more enjoyable over the past two years, or someone who exhibited gracious table manners and kindness to partners and opponents.  Many of our members have volunteered their time to help run games and tournaments.


Our Unit and District 7 is committed to providing  the best organization and tournaments in the country. In pursuit of that, we support the principles of goodwill, including Zero Tolerance, active ethics, full disclosure and other concepts designed to make bridge more pleasant for everyone.


Some of the components of goodwill include:

• Observes both the laws and ethics of the game

• Plays competitively and is always fair

• Is gracious in victory as well as defeat

• Is pleasant as both a partner and an opponent

• Exhibits good manners at the table and helps others enjoy the experience

• Graciously abides by rulings of the director

• Does not give unsolicited bridge lessons at the table

• Avoids discussion of boards in the presence of new opponents

• Gives due consideration to personal appearance and conduct

• Does not become quarrelsome or angry during the game

• Genuinely promotes bridge and upholds its reputation

• Gives back to the game through mentoring newer players

• Volunteers in administration of the game

• Promotes the game by example


We will accept nominations until December 1, 2022.  Please write a short note as to why you are nominating an individual. Please send all nominations to Dixie Culver, Unit Secretary at culverdix@yahoo.com.  All nominations will be posted on the website.  The Board will vote  on your nominations and submit the name to the District.  The winner will be invited to a very special dinner and recognition at the District 7 Tournament in Greenville SC in June.  Let's keep the tradition of giving back alive in our Unit.