Changes in Rank

April 1, 2021

Changes in rank are obtained monthly from ACBL-provided records. 

Your accomplishment might not show here until the following month after you've attained your new status.

Please join us in congratulating our members who have recently earned Masterpoints that have enabled them

to cross a new threshold.  For complete rules for Masterpoint Rank Requirements, Click HERE

New Junior Masters                                

5 Masterpoints                            

    Monti Beasley

New Club Masters                                  

20 Masterpoints

    Marsha Altmeyer

    Susan Gordon

    Frances Miller

    Kathy Pendegraph

    Anne Wagg



New Sectional Masters                           

50 Masterpoints

    Ben Cone

    Alice Mahoney

    Ann McCarty

    Caroline Young                 



New Regional Masters                            

100 Masterpoints

    George Gautsch

    Marilyn Ledbetter         


New NABC Masters

200 Masterpoints 

    Gil Freitag

    Warren Kasper

    Anna Kathryn Reece    

New Advanced NABC Masters

300 Masterpoints





New Life Masters

500 Masterpoints

    Elisabeth Culp


New Bronze Life Masters

Life Masters with 750 Masterpoints

New Silver Life Masters

Life Masters with 1000 Masterpoints

    Nancy Marshall

    Chris Shepard


New Ruby Life Masters

Life Masters with 1500 Masterpoints

New Gold Life Masters

Life Master with 2500 Masterpoints

New Sapphire Life Masters

Life Masters with 3500 Masterpoints


Diamond Life Masters

Life Masters with 5000 Masterpoints

Emerald Life Master

Life Master with 7500 Masterpoints

Platinum Life Master

Life Master with 10,000 Masterpoints

Grand Life Master

Platinum Life Master with a victory

in an eligible event.

Claudia Hale, Webmaster