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Bridge coaches

Unit 169 Mentoring Program

In addition to our regular mentoring activities, in 2020, we are continuing a bridge coaching program for non-life masters.  This program is open to any non-life master in the Unit with less than 500 masterpoints who would like to improve his or her bridge skills.

Bridge coaches are willing to give up some of their regular games to play with our members.  Each coach will play with two or three NLM players during the rest of this year.  For the most part, each coach will play three games with each NLM they are coaching.  The games need to be scheduled with the coaches at their convenience.  We are asking NLM players to have only one bridge coach so we can open the program to the largest possible audience.

If you are interested in having a bridge coach, please call either Rich Peffer (336-402-5367) or Cindy Wright (336-407-9842).  You may also call a coach from the list below directly to see if he or she is available.  We will try to collect helpful hints from our coaches to share with everyone on the website, and we will also post on the website the list of program participants.

Greensboro coaches:

Dwyer Kathie 1.jpg
Idleman David.jpg
McLeod Cathy.jpg

Kathie Dwyer


Louise Garcia


Bob Hale


David Idleman


Cathy McLeod


Debbie Monroe


Osborne Nancy.jpg

[Tom will observe mentee playing with regular partner, take notes, and discuss after the session.]

Nancy Osborne


Bill Peabody


Tom Skaar


Winston-Salem coaches:

Betty Crockett


Don Folger


Kent Leggett


Becky Santago


Cindy Wright



On Saturday, April 28, Unit 169 held its traditional Mentor-Mentee Game in Winston-Salem.  This annual game is open to any novice player paired with a life master; it awards plenty of Masterpoints.  Top honors this year went to mentee Don Bosken and his mentor Sue Cooper.  They romped home with a 68.15% game.  Second and third overall places were won by mentee-mentor pairs Gail Bland-Susan Wesley (64.20%) and Sharon Stewart-Evelyn Fisher (60.79%).

In the spirit of mentoring, the Unit encourages Club Owners to run games that pair newer and more experienced players throughout the year.  Notices of these games are posted on our web site as they are offered.  One such opportunity is the “Eight is Enough” game to be held on Saturday, October 18.  This event pairs A, B and C players into teams to complete with other mixed teams.  It generates lots of interesting pairings and great memories.  Save this date in your bridge calendar; more detail will be provided later.


The Unit hopes that 2019 will be a year of great bridge, new experiences, new partnerships and fun for all.  May all your finesses work!

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