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to Central Carolina Bridge Association, an organization for duplicate bridge

in Central North Carolina, bringing players of all skill levels together.

Learn & Practice

  • Beginner/Improver Hands of the week for May or Aprii  

  • Intermediate Hands of the week for May or April  

Send updates for the website to the webmaster, Claudia Hale at

Longest Day

Latest News

  • The Longest Day fundraiser starts NOW until June 24. Everyone can be a part of the effort. below

  • The Unit is hiring a Bridge Headmaster to expand local opportunities for beginner  lessons. Interested? See below.

  • See results for May 20th Unit Game below.

  • Congratulations to Dwight Meredith for attaining Diamond Life Master. See changes in rank for the last three months.  More 

  • ACBL Free Guest Membership for new players.  More 

  • "District 7 News" April-June   More 

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 3 Unit Game in Greensboro

  • June 24 Alzheimers Longest Day event in Winston-Salem.

ALZ Longest Day.jpg
Fundraising for Alzheimer's Association

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the ACBL's partnership with the Alzheimer's Association. Our unit has been one of the leading contributors in the U.S. This year there are three ways to make a gift: Play in the Longest Day Unit Game, make a bid (or several) in the Silent Auction or make a direct contribution.

The Longest Day Event

The June 24 Unit game at the Georgia Taylor Center at 1471 W. Clemmonsville Road in Winston-Salem is a special Alzheimer’s charity game in honor of The Longest Day. The entry fee for this game is $10, with 100% of game proceeds going directly to the Alzheimers Association.

Silent Auction

Our traditional silent auction is offering a number of new auction items this year. You may submit your bids at the game or before the game. There is no requirement to attend the game. Email your highest bid to Fran Tewkesbury at by noon Saturday, June 24.


As always, you’ll have the opportunity to bid on a game with some of the best players in the Unit, as well as a pair of players who will team with you for a Unit or Sectional game.

The individual players are:

◉ Peter J. Boyd-Bowman     

◉ Kathie Dwyer     

◉ Bob Hale     

◉ Josh Hoffman     

◉ David Idleman     

◉ Tom May     

◉ Rich Peffer        

◉ Bruce Southard   

◉ Bill Wisdom     

◉ Cindy Wright

The team is: 

◉ Debbie Monroe and Fran Tewkesbury

Other auction items include:

     ◉  Judy Hellen's mentoring and play

     ◉  Rich Peffer's mentoring and play

     ◉  Claudia Hale's handcrafted tile coasters, set of four (see below)

     ◉  Claudia Hale's two framed original oil paintings (see below)

     ◉  Dixie Culver's poolside cocktail party for 8

     ◉  Debbie Elston's chicken pot pies

CCBA Auction 1_edited.jpg
CCBA Auction 2_edited_edited.png

Other Contributions

If you would like to make your own gift to the Alzheimer's Association, you can send your tax-deductible contribution, via check made out to Alzeimer's Association, to

Fran Tewkesbury

1005 Country Club Dr.

Greensboro, NC 27408

Your gift will count toward our Unit's The Longest Day fundraising efforts.


If you have any questions, contact Fran Tewkesbury at 336-202-3357 or


Hiring Bridge Headmaster

As part of our initiative to increase our membership, the Central Carolina Bridge Association (Unit 169) is kicking off a program to expand opportunities for learning the game of bridge. We are seeking a project manager to handle these tasks:

  • Recruit new and existing teachers who are willing to combine efforts across our Unit to maximize our effectiveness in attracting and retaining new players

  • Consider how online beginner lessons can form a part of our training plans

  • Set up a schedule of classes, so that we have frequent offerings of beginner and advancing beginner lessons.

  • Create a common syllabus of bidding agreements for beginner lessons

  • Provide train-the-trainer workshop(s), using ACBL trainers and/or our own trainers.

  • Promote the classes. Identify and incorporate ACBL support programs to help attract students.

  • Assemble a database of prospects that all participating teachers can draw from.

  • Evaluate and modify the program of classes over time, based on experience and feedback.


This is a paid position. We are accepting applications until Saturday, June 10, 2023. If interested, please notify Dixie Culver at / 336-457-7107 /, or Rich Peffer at 336-402-5367 /

Unit Games
Central Carolina Logo.jpg

Unit Games: Latest Results and Next Game


Plan now to join the next Unit Game, June 3  - Club Championship game in Greensboro, Lewis Recreation Center.

Questions?  Need a partner or teammates?  Contact Rich Peffer, Director, at or call / text to (336) 402-5367.

May 20, 2023

There were seven tables at the game. Here are the masterpoint winners.

58.04% - (B) Fran Tewkesbury and Dixie Culver - 2.48 MPs

57.44% - (A) Bill Wisdom and Peter J. Boyd-Bowman - 1.86 MPs

57.14% - (A) Martha Meyer and Mark Meyer - 1.40 MPs

54.17% - (A) Cindy Wright and Bruce Southare - 1.05 MPs

52.08% - (A) Jim Kimel and Susan Wesley - 0.87 MPs

51.79% - (A) Jim Bean and Don Folger - 0.62 MPs

49.70% - (C) Jim Haughton and Kathy Haughton - 0.92 MPs

41.96% - (B) Phil Fultz and Butch Johnson - 0.57 MPs

Click HERE for results for all Unit Games available on Live for Clubs under club number 275628.  

Click HERE for Unit Game Calendar and information.


 Life Master Status in April

May 1, 2023

Dwight Meredith of Greensboro has attained Diamond Life Master. Congratulations, Dwight!

Click HERE  for all Changes in Rank.

Diamond Logo.JPG

District 7 Information

Click HERE  for the new "Find a Tournament" featuring Entry Express

Click HERE  to read "District 7 News"

Click HERE  for District 7's Goodwill Message

Click HERE  for the list of National Charity Committee Members appointed by D7 Directors.  Unit 169 members include:  Cindy Wright - Clemmons NC (2019), Bob and Claudia Hale - Greensboro NC (2018) and Marion Secrest - Winston-Salem NC (2002 - deceased)

District 7 has allocated funds to support local activities designed to grow our bridge community. Funding opportunities are now open to our Clubs.  Click HERE for details and guidelines.—Growth & Development Chair, Blondelle Grant.

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Free ACBL Guest Membership for 120 Days

You’re just steps away from joining the world’s biggest and best community of bridge lovers! Soon you’ll be playing bridge, winning masterpoints® and reading the renowned Bridge Bulletin magazine.

Play in any ACBL club or tournament game

Earn up to 20 masterpoints

Read online editions of the "Bridge Bulletin"

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