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to Central Carolina Bridge Association, an organization for duplicate bridge

in Central North Carolina, bringing players of all skill levels together.

Latest News​​

  • Our sympathy is extended to Nancy Deaton-Jones on the passing of her husband Mac.  Obituary


  • Big game!  Congratulations to Joyce Shuman & Mike Jacobs for posting an 80.82% game at the Triad Bridge Club in Greensboro on June 25!


  • Supervised Play & Learn July 5, 12, 19, 26   More​​​​

  • Results of June 29 Unit game   More

  • Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKinney tournament race results  More

  • Growth & Development Grants  More​​​

  • "District 7 News"  July–September 2024 issue  Here

  • Unit 169 Boosters Membership  More

  • ACBL free membership  More

Upcoming Events​​​  ​​​​

  • July 20 - Unit Championship Game & Board of Directors' Meeting in Greensboro

  • August 3 - North American Pairs (NAP) Qualifier in Winston-Salem

  • August 16-18 - Winston Salem Summer Sectional   Flyer

  • October 10-13 - Piedmont Triad Fall Sectional (Wyndham Gardens Airport Greensboro)  Flyer

  • October 10-13 - Piedmont Triad NLM Regional (Wyndham Gardens Airport Greensboro)  Flyer

Learn & Practice​

  • Bridge Basics 1 Classes in August & September   More

  • Bridge Basics 2 Classes in August   More

  • Supervised Play & Learn  continues thru July  More​​

  • Simply Basic Bidding Classses start July 9   More


  • 0-499 Game with free lesson at noon on Tuesdays in Winston-Salem   More   

  • 0-1000 bridgeLITE Game Tuesdays in Greensboro   More 

  • 0-299 Game  Fridays in Winston-Salem  More

Send updates for the website to the webmaster, Claudia Hale at

W-S Fairgrounds Logo.jpg
August 16-18, 2024

Click HERE for printable flyer

The popular Winston-Salem Summer Sectional will be held in the Neil Bolton Home & Garden Center Building @ Gate 9 at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, 421 W. 27th Street, Winston-Salem.


Come out for three days of fun bridge, great hospitality, and friendship. The schedule is:


Friday, August 16 - Single Sessions at 10:00 am & 2:30 pm

ACBL Education Fund Day - More Silver points at no extra cost!

Stratified Open and 499er Pairs


Saturday, August 17 - Single Sessions at 10:00 am & 2:30 pm

Stratified Open and 499er Pairs


Sunday, August 18 - Two-session Swiss Teams at 10:00 am & TBA

Stratified Open and 499er Swiss Teams

Lunch included for all Swiss Teams


TOURNAMENT CHAIR: Cam Matthews (973) 222-3024 or email

PARTNERSHIP CHAIR: Susan Wesley (336) 407-4600 or email

Simply Basic Bidding Classes in July
Using Modern Techniques
Instructor: Cecelia Ray
Click HERE for printable flyer

Understanding basic bidding is the foundation for all your bidding conversations. This class focuses on modern bidding techniques and concepts. 

This class is for you if

  • You are new to bridge and are struggling with your bidding. This is a suitable follow-up to students who have attended the Bridge Basics 1 class.

  • You are playing now and would like a structured presentation of modern bidding.

  • You have played bridge before and want to learn modern bidding. Perhaps you are interested in more competitive bidding found in the duplicate game.

These topics are covered:

  • How to choose an opening bid

  • Responding to 1NT and opener's next bid

  • Responding to one-of-a-major (1 or 1♠) with or without a fit and opener's rebid

  • Responding to one-of-a-minor (1♣ or 1) with or without a fit and opener's rebid

  • Responder's rebid

  • Whether a bid is forcing or non-forcing

Dates: Tuesdays, July 9, 16, 23, and 30

Time: 1:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Location: Fellowship Presbyterian Church,

2005 New Garden Rd, Greensboro

Cost: $100 for all four sessions

Instructor: Cecelia Ray, ACBL Life Master

To register contact Cecelia at or text/call 336-601-5058.

Judy Hellen and friends will continue to offer Supervised Play and Learn on Fridays during July. These sessions are designed for bridge students, newer players and social bridge players. It's a no-stress zone where we try to make some sense of the bidding and play.


Here's what to expect. You will bid and play prepared hands. After each hands we will discuss the likely bidding, the lead and the play. One or more experienced players will be there to assist you. 

Dates: Fridays, through July

Time: 9:30 am - Noon

Location: Fellowship Presbyterian Church,

2005 New Garden Rd, Greensboro

Cost: $10 each session

Although reservations are not required, for planning purposes please notify Judy in advance at or text/call 336.558.3613.

Judy Hellen announces

Supervised Play and Learn Continues in July

July Schedule - Fridays, July 5, 12, 19 and 26

Bridge Basics 1 Classes
August and September


Modern bidding, play of the hand, and defense

Instructor:  Barbara Pomer

This course is the place to learn about modern bidding and the basics of play of the hand as well as defense. It is designed for those who are new to bridge, those who want to re-enter the game (remember college) or those who would like a structured review to get your game on track. For more detailed information click here.


Dates: Tuesdays August 20 and 27, September 10 and 17. No class on September3.​

Time: 9:30am to 12:00pm

Location: Fellowship Presbyterian Church, 2005 New Garden Rd, Greensboro.

Cost: $100.

An accompanying book is recommended and can be purchased at a discount at the first session.

Barbara Pomer, an ACBL Life Master, is the instructor. To register or for more information contact her at or text/call 336-202-1299.

Central Carolina Logo.jpg
Unit Games
Latest Results and Next Game


The next Unit Game will be held Saturday, July 20 at the Fellowship Presbyterian Church, 2005 New Garden Road in Greensboro.  This will be a Unit Championship game awarding significantly more masterpoints as overalls are based on entire field of participating clubs. Game starts at 1:00 pm.  Game starts at 1:00 pm.  Preceding the game, there will be a Board of Directors' Meeting at 10:45 am.  All Unit members are welcome to attend.

Thank you for playing in the Unit Charity Game fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association; we had a great turnout!  Special thanks for players from Burlington and Raleigh!  There were 11 tables in the Open section and 6 tables in the 499er section.  Those players earning masterpoints are:

Open Section:

68.75% - Kay & Randy Joyce - 5.53 MPs

57.18% - Fran Tewkesbury & Martin Causley - 3.63 MPs

57.18% - Jim Bean & Rhett Inabinet - 3.63 MPs

56.94% - Tom May & Eric Lee - 2.33 MPs

55.56% - Brenda Garzia & Phil Fultz - 1.95 MPs

55.09% - Rebecca Vassar & Louise Garcia - 1.31 MPs

54.63% - Iris Holt & Tim Laverty - 0.87 MPs

53.70% - David Idleman & Bruce Southard - 0.87 MPs

48.84% - Butch Johnson & Robert Sill - 1.46 MPs

46.76% - Judy Hellen & Marty Benjamin - 0.96 MPs

46.76% - Barbara Howarth & Suzanne Rhodes - 0.96 MPs

46.06% - Gary Lee & Judy Piper - 0.44 MPs

0-499er Section:

58.75% - Cheila Bertoldi & Mark Bertoldi - 1.53 MPs

58.75% - Elizabeth Gatewood & Libby Noah - 1.15 MPs

53.75% - Vicki Williams & Margaret Smith - 0.86 MPs

53.08% - Johnnie Martin & Gil Freitag - 0.65 MPs

51.42% - Debbie Elston & Alana Ennis - 0.30 MPs

51.00% - Joyce Shuman & Susan Nehmen - 0.51 MPs

44.92% - Mary Morgan & Jeanne Tannenbaum - 0.32 MPs

Click HERE for results for all Unit Games available on Live for Clubs under club number 275628.

Click HERE for Unit Game Calendar and information.

Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding
August Classes

​Instructor:  Rich Peffer

Enroll now to learn competitive bidding techniques. When the opponents open the bidding, your side doesn’t need to be delegated to the sidelines!! What are the possibilities?  You may want to enter the auction trying to win the contract or interfere with the opponents from finding their best contract or make a bid helping your partner select the best suit to lead.


What FUN!


In Bridge Basics 2 you will learn the bidding guidelines for both partners when making overcalls, a takeout doubles and a preemptive bids. We will also discuss how competitive bidding affects the opening side.


Dates: Thursday August 1, 8, 15 and 22

Time: 9:00 am - 11:45 am

Location: Fellowship Presbyterian Church, 2005 New Garden Road, Greensboro

Instructor: Rich Peffer, ACBL Ruby Life Master

To register contact: Rich at or text/call 336-402-5367

Cost: $100

Additional: An accompanying book is recommended and can be purchased from the instructor at a discount.

Boosters Logo.jpg


Unit 169 Boosters

Click HERE for information.


Our mission is to provide challenging and fun bridge tournament experiences for Central Carolina Bridge Association members.

Our focus is to successfully execute four quality bridge tournaments each year.  This entails using great venues with easy access and parking, clean facilities, providing appropriate snacks and beverages, and using qualify ACBL directors.  In order to achieve this goal, we need additional financial support. 

We are asking our friends who love this game to help.  The cost of hosting a quality tournament has increased and, as we build back
our attendance at our tournaments, entry fees do not completely cover our cost.  Therefore, we are seeking a yearly contribution from those who can and are willing to help Unit 169.

By securing appropriate funding up front, we can plan and budget appropriately for each tournament.  There will be recognition and appr
eciation events for those who join.

We hope you will support us.  We appreciate checks in the amount of your choosing, made payable to:


“Central Carolina Bridge Association”

and mailed to

2318 Kirkpatrick Place, Greensboro NC 27408


Please contact Dixie Culver, Unit Secretary/Treasurer, at: or (336) 457-7107 if you have any questions

Growth and Development Grants Logo.jpg
Unit 169 Offering Growth & Development Grants

Fillable Application Form Found Here

Unit 169 would like to encourage local bridge teachers, directors, club managers and players to start new activities that promote the learning and enjoyment of bridge.  To help foster the startup and success of these activities, the Unit is offering small monetary grants ($200-$400) to be used in a maximum 6-month time period, in support of certain activities. 

Guidelines used in evaluation of the grant applications:

  • preference to educational initiatives

  • mindful that grants should not be reimbursing clubs or individuals for costs that would be spent in any case (rent, ACBL dues, etc)

  • encourage efforts/programs that can be expanded into other areas of the Unit

  • give preference to new projects over existing ones

Some areas where these Growth and Development Grants can be used:

  • educational programs

  • development of new players (supervised play, mentoring programs, etc.)

  • outreach to lapsed members

  • integration of social players and groups

  • startup costs to get a new club, social group, youth program up and running.

District 7 Website

"District 7 News" - July thru September


Per Jane Champion, District 7 Secretary: 

"The District 7 Board of Directors met in Myrtle Beach on December 30, 2023 where the board approved an increase in entry fees at all regionals from $14.00 per player session to $15.00, effective in Hilton Head.  This increase is due to an increase that ACBL is charging for Technical Directors staffing the tournaments.


The new entry fee will go into effect in Hilton Head and still represents (or matches) the lowest regional tournament entry fee charged by any other District in the USA." 

Per Blondelle Grant, District 7 Growth & Development Chair: 

"District 7 has allocated funds to support local activities designed to grow our bridge community. Funding opportunities are now open to our Clubs."  Click HERE for details and guidelines.

Click HERE  for the new "Find a Tournament" featuring Entry Express

Click HERE  for District 7's Goodwill Message

Click HERE  for the list of National Charity Committee Members appointed by D7 Directors.  Unit 169 members include:  Cindy Wright - Clemmons NC (2019), Bob and Claudia Hale - Greensboro NC (2018) and Marion Secrest - Winston-Salem NC (2002 - deceased)






ACBL Website

"Bridge Bulletin" Online

Free ACBL Guest Membership for 120 Days

Click HERE  to get started!

You’re just steps away from joining the world’s biggest and best community of bridge lovers! Soon you’ll be playing bridge, winning masterpoints, and reading the renowned Bridge Bulletin magazine.

  • Weekly email with bridge tips from Patty

  • Ability to earn up to 20 masterpoints

  • Digital access to the Bridge Bulletin

  • Special pricing of $29 for the first year of regular membership if they are a guest member first

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