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in Central North Carolina, bringing players of all skill levels together.


THE UNIT SADLY REPORTS THE PASSING OF TIM STECKER of Elon on June 22.  Tim represented Burlington on the CCBA Board of Directors for several years and served as statistician for the Player of the Year.  His obituary can be found by clicking HERE 


CANCELED ... All Unit 169-sponsored in-person games and tournaments are canceled for the rest of 2020 and until further notice 

BBO REGISTRY  ...  Find a local partner to play online HERE To add your name to the list, Click HERE



June 28, 2019

Novice players may play in Open or Novice games.  Games are listed on BBO as Cindy's Corner (Cindy Wright, Director) or Triad Bridge Club (Peter J. Boyd-Bowman, Director).  Click HERE for Instructions and FAQs  


Several of our members have complained that they can no longer see the games on BBO.  BBO has changed some of the previous pathways to find the games, and for some members they can't "see" Cindy's Corner or Triad Bridge Club games.  Although we are hoping that will change in the future, everyone can still find Cindy's Corner and Triad Bridge Club games on BBO by following these steps:

  • From BBO home screen, click on the "Competitive" tab

  • Then click on "All Tournaments"

  • From there, simply search for "Triad" or "Cindy" in the search field

Click HERE for link to Triad Bridge Club Results.     

Click HERE for link to Cindy's Corner Online Results


All games are 18 boards and cost $6, except where noted.  Our latest schedule will run Monday, June 28 thru Sunday, July 5.   


Monday,  June 28

  • 10:00 am - 0-299ers - Triad Bridge Club

  • 2:00 pm - 0-99ers - Cindy's Corner

  • 2:10 pm - Open - Cindy's Corner 

Tuesday,  June 30

  • 2:00 pm - 0-499ers - Cindy's Corner

  • 6:45 pm - 0-199ers - Triad Bridge Club 

  • 6:50 pm - Open - Triad Bridge Club

Wednesday,  July 1

  • 10:00 am - 0-299ers - Cindy's Corner 

  • 2:00 pm - 0-99ers - Triad Bridge Club 

  • 2:10 pm - Open - Triad Bridge Club - 24+ boards - $7

Thursday,  July 2

  • 10:00 am - 0-199ers - Cindy's Corner   

  • 2:00 pm - 0-999ers - Triad Bridge Club 

  • 2:10 pm - Open - Triad Bridge Club - 20 or 21 boards 

​Friday,  July 3

  • 10:00 am - 0-299ers - Triad Bridge Club

  • 2:00 pm - 0-99ers - Cindy's Corner

  • 2:10 pm - Open - Cindy's Corner



  • No Games Scheduled

Sunday, July 5

  • 2:00 pm - 0-499er - Triad Bridge Club - 24+ boards - $7

  • 2:10 pm - Open - Triad Bridge Club - 24+ boards - $7


June 21, 2020

Thank you all for participating in this weekend’s The Longest Day bridge games and player auction in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. And a special thank you to Cindy Wright and Peter Boyd-Bowman who donated 100% of their director’s fees for all eight(!) weekend games to this worthy charity, and to Fran Tewkesbury for spearheading the auction. 


Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thank you to our expert players who donated a free play, as well as to those of you who bid but did not win. Our winning bidders are:


Cathy McLeod for Bill Wisdom

Daryl Adams for Bob Hale 

Evelyn Fisher for Bruce Southard

Anne Osbourne for Cathy McLeod 

Gwen Blackmer for Cindy Wright 

Janet McCall for David Idleman

Nancy Osborne for Dwight Meredith

Laura Norman for Frank Burgess

Evelyn Fisher for Jerry Helms 

Anne Dick for Josh Hoffman 

Barbara Hooks for Kathie Dwyer 

Marcy Maury for Kay Joyce 

Susan Williford for Kent Leggett 

Susan Mann for Nancy Fitzgerald 

Marcy Maury for Peter J. Boyd-Bowman 

Marcy Maury for Randy Joyce 

John Barnes for Sue Cooper 

Eric Lee for Tom May 


So far, the Unit has raised over $3500 for The Longest Day this year.  If you would like to make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association that will be credited to Unit 169’s fundraising efforts, please make your check out to the "Alzheimer’s Association" and mail to:


Fran Tewkesbury 

1005 Country Club Dr.

Greensboro, NC  27408


Note that Unit 169 receives nothing more than bragging rights for your gifts. 100% of your check will go toward Alzheimer’s research and support.


May 31, 2020

As no one knows how long it will be before we can play live games again, Furniture City Bridge and the Bridge Center of Winston-Salem have received invitations and decided to join the SE Carolina Online Bridge Club with about 20 or so other bridge clubs. 


Click HERE  for the link to our consortium's online bridge club. You will find the latest game schedule on this link.  Please check the link as we plan to continue to add games.   Questions? ... contact Gloria Halstead at howlerdemondeacon@gmail.com, or text her at 202-213-5672.


The 18-board games are $5 for each game.  The SE Carolina Online Bridge Club shares a small portion of the proceeds with each member club.  Current weekly schedule is:


99er Game - 9:45 am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 

299er Game - 9:45 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

299er Game - 1:30 pm Monday thru Sunday

Open Game - 10:15 am Monday thru Friday

Open Game - 2:00 pm Monday thru Sunday

NOTE:  SE Carolina Online Bridge Club often gets confused with another club with an similar name (Southeast Carolina).  We are SE Carolina. The easiest way to eliminate the confusion is to add  VACB262410 to your follow list under the "People" tab on the right-hand side of your screen on BBO.  This will highlight VACB262410 in bright blue with white letters when you are registering making us really easy to find!


Throughout 2020, members of Unit 169 are automatically entered in the "Player of the Year" contest by attending at least eight Unit games and tournaments..  The award is based on the number of master points earned at these events.  A big thanks goes to Tim Stecker, our statistician for the year. 

Click image for the complete list.​  Or, Click HERE



April 18, 2020

The website has a special page where photos are posted from Unit events.  Especially noteworthy are the new listings of winners from online virtual bridge games directed by Cindy Wright and Peter J. Boyd-Bowman.  Check the Photos out to "see" your bridge friends!  Triad Bridge Club Newsletter and results can also be found on the Photos page.

You can find the Photos under the "Membership" tab in the green navigational bar at the top of the Home page.


Click HERE to be directed to the Photos page.


March 22, 2020

Be well.  Stay inside.  Wash your hands.  Don't touch your face. Play bridge online.


You can play in a specially created game on Bridge Base Online (BBO) called "SUPPORT YOUR CLUBS..." and earn ACBL black masterpoints.  When you play in this specific game, you will be supporting your favorite club.  The system knows where you play most often and will automatically support that club each time you play.  Currently, three stratified games are offered at 10:00 am, 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm.  You can play on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

New to BBO …  Click HERE  for a tutorial on how to play on BBO. 

For detailed information, Q&A, and updates, Click HERE.

Before you play, choose what device you will use, then follow these instructions::

  • From a COMPUTER (recommended), go to www.Bridgebase.com and become a member

  • From your TABLET, go to www.Bridgebase.com, or go to your APP STORE and download "Bridge Base Online" and play on their app

  • From your SMARTPHONE, go to your APP STORE and download "Bridge Base Online"

Simply log into your BBO account.  You will need to create one if you don’t already have one.  The account is free.

  • Note:  If you are NEW to BBO, when signing up for the first time we suggest you choose a username that will help your friends find you.  Consider using 169 (our Unit number), your last name and first initial for the remainder (example: 169SmithM) 

  • If one chooses, a Unit member can use the "Contact Us" form under "About Us" on the website to submit their name, BBO username, and email address to the CCBA webmaster who will create a registry to help our members find local partners to play online.  By submitting the form, one consents to having their information published.  The Registry can be found under "Clubs" - BBO Registry on the website.


Click on “ACBL World”


Click on “Support Your Club ACBL Black Point Game

  • Games pop up two hours before game time and, due to high demand, we recommend that you are logged in and registered two hours before the game.

  • Register to play by either adding your partner's username (they will need to be a member and logged in at the same time to accept the registration), or click on "Partnership Desk" and either add yourself to the list of single players with one of the two options (pay for yourself or have partner pay for you) or click and "Invite button" to invite someone to be your partner.  (To view a players profile, click on their usernames on the left).

  • Once you are registered, you can log off or do something else on your device.  Just make sure to log back in at least 10-15 minutes before game time.

  • At game time, you will automatically be taken to your table.  There is nothing else you need to do.

More information and help at:  https://www.acbl.org/clubsupportonlinegames/


BBO Mobile Help:  https://www.bridgebase.com/help/mobilehelp/mobile_help.php?v3b=web&v3v=5.2.3

Be well. Stay inside. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Play bridge online! 

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