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to Central Carolina Bridge Association, an organization for duplicate bridge

in Central North Carolina, bringing players of all skill levels together.


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Latest News

  • Congratulations to all players who attained new Masterpoint Ranks. See the Changes in Rank for the last three months.  More  

  • See Big Games of over 70% for January.  More 

  • Mentor-Mentee Season is here. Learn more and see how to participate below.  More  

  • Jerry Helms to present at Piedmont Triad NLM Regional  More 

  • 2023 Players Club joined by large number of members.  More 

  • ACBL Free Guest Membership for new players.  More 

  • "District 7 News" Jan - March   More 

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Until Piedmont Triad Non-Life Master Regional and Piedmont Triad Open Sectional

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 4 - Unit Game in GSO    More  

  • Feb 16-19 Piedmont Triad  Sectional   More  
    & Non-Life Master Regional

  • Apr 15 - Mentor- Mentee Celebration

Learn & Practice

  • Feb 3 and Feb 6 - Supervised Play in


  • Feb 6 and Feb 20 - Supervised Play in GSO  More 

  • Feb 16-19 Piedmont Non-Life Master Regional  More 

  • Beginner Hands of the week for January  More 

  • Intermediate Hands of the week for January  More 

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January - April of 2023 in Unit 169 is Mentor-Mentee Season.  

One of the BEST ways to develop as a player is to have a Mentor, an experienced player who will partner with a newer player and help them grasp new concepts and skills at bridge.  We hope that YOU will be a part of this, either as a Mentor or as a Mentee.  M-M pairs are asked to play together at least 4 times in local games during Jan. – April. The season culminates on April 15, with the special Mentor-Mentee Celebration at the Unit Game in Greensboro. Please reserve this date on your calendar, andcontact one of the M-M Coordinators to sign up.

Please sign up to be a Mentor or Mentee today!

Coordinators for the 2023 Mentor-Mentee Program are: 

For the Greensboro area:  Cecelia Ray (, 336-375-6805), assisted by Rich Peffer

For the Winston-Salem area:  Martha Meyer (,  
336-416-6998), assisted by Cindy Wright

Questions? Want more info? See the Guidelines at this  link .

Jerry Helms.png

Jerry Helms is Back


We are thrilled to announce that Jerry Helms will be attending our NLM tournament and will provide lessons and winning bridge tips for all future life master attendees. Jerry is a Grand Life Master and a world famous bridge teacher.  He is author of numerous books on bridge and writes a monthly column for the Bridge Bulletin.  


Jerry will teach two classes on Friday and Saturday during the lunch break.  Jerry is ready to help you improve your game so you can take home the Gold Points.  The admission to Jerry’s class is free.  Jerry will bring along two of his most recent books.  You will be given a coupon for attending our tournament so you can purchase one or both of Jerry’s books at a discount. Jerry looks forward to seeing you Feb16-19 in Greensboro.

Jerry Helms
Unit Games
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February Unit Games

February 4  - Education Foundation game in Greensboro

February 25 - Education Foundation game in Winston-Salem

January 28, 2023

Thank you for playing in the January 28th Junior Fund game   There were seven and a half (7.5) tables.  Those earning masterpoints were:


Open Section

66.42% - (A) Dan Fowler & Bill Wisdom - 2.63 MPs

58.26% - (A) Susan Wesley & John Kimel - 1.97 MPs

56.35 % - (C) Gail McAlister & Anita Griffin - 1.48%

54.99% - (B) John Fite & Leonard Summey - 1.11 MPs

52.61% - (B) Melissa Waldron & Sydney Cardone - 0.83 MPs

50.33% - (A) Susan Williford & Susan Mann - 0.66 MPs

Click HERE  for results for all Unit Games are available on Live for Clubs under club number 275628.  

Click HERE for Unit Game Calendar and information.

Unit NLM Regional
NLM Regional logo.JPG

Piedmont Triad Non-Life Master Regional 

February 16-19, 2023

Bur-Mil Clubhouse & Event Center

5834 Bur Mill Club Road

Greensboro NC  27410

All double-session events can earn gold!  Daily events start at 10:00 am and 2:30 pm

All players participating in NLM Regional events MUST be a Non-Life Master with fewer than 750 MPs.

Thursday:  Gold Rush Pairs (2 sessions)

Piedmont Side Series Pairs (single sessions: 1 and 2 of 3)

Friday:  Gold Rush Stratified Swiss Teams (2 sessions)

Piedmont Side Series Pairs (single sessions: 3 of 3)

Triad Side Series Pairs (single session: 1 of 3)

Saturday:  Gold Rush Pairs (2 sessions)

Triad Side Series Pairs (single sessions: 2 & 3 of 3)

Sunday:  Gold Rush Stratified Swiss Teams (2 sessions)

Lunch included in entry fee for all Swiss Teams

CHAIRMAN:  Debbie Monroe / 336-848-7892 /

PARTNERSHIPS:  Peter J. Boyd-Bowman / 336-686-3680 /

Click HERE  for flyer.

Click HERE  for an article on "How to Win Gold."

Unit Sectional
Triad Sectional Logo.JPG

Piedmont Triad Sectional

February 16-19, 2023

Bur-Mil Clubhouse & Event Center

5834 Bur Mill Club Road

Greensboro NC  27410

Daily events start at 10:00 am and 2:30 pm

Thursday:  Stratified Open

ACBL EDUCATION FUND DAY.  More silver points!

Friday:  Stratified Open

Saturday:  Stratified Open

Sunday:  Stratified Open Swiss TEams

Lunch included in entry fee for all Swiss Teams

CHAIRMAN:  Ted Edgar / 770-265-2351 /

PARTNERSHIPS:  Peter J. Boyd-Bowman / 336-686-3680 /

Click HERE  for flyer.

Players Club
The Players Club logo.JPG

Unit 169 Players Club 2023

December 28, 2022

Our mission is to provide challenging and fun bridge tournament experiences for Central Carolina Bridge Association members


Our focus is to successfully execute four quality bridge tournaments each year.  This entails using great venues with easy access and parking, clean facilities, providing appropriate snacks and beverages, and using quality ACBL directors.  In order to achieve this goal, we need additional financial support.  We are asking our friends who love this game to help.  The cost of hosting a quality tournament has increased and, as we build back our attendance at our tournaments, entry fees do not completely cover our cost.  Therefore, we are seeking a yearly contribution from those who can and are willing to help Unit 169.  We will not be passing envelopes at club games asking for contributions. By securing appropriate funding up front, we can plan and budget appropriately for each tournament.  Those who chose to help will become members of the Central Carolina Bridge Association Unit 169 Player’s Club.  There will be recognition and appreciation events for those who join.


Please note that our annual expenses for Unit 169-sponsored tournaments total approximately $80,000 ... before the first attendee walks thru the door!  Even though our bank balance is healthy, it is because of these up-front expenses that the money in our account is maintained as a 6-9 month reserve.  


Checks should be made payable to "Central Carolina Bridge Association" and given to one of the Unit's board members, or mailed to Dixie Culver, Treasurer, 2318 Kirkpatrick Place, Greensboro, NC  27408

Thank you to the following Unit members who have contributed so far:

PLATINUM LEVEL:     $500+ per person

GOLD LEVEL:     $200 - $499 per person

  • Pat Cambareri

  • Dixie Culver

  • Kathie Dwyer

  • Ted Edgar

  • Brenda Garzia

  • Judy Hellen

  • David Idleman

  • Eric Lee

  • Susan Mann

  • Marcy Maury

  • Debbie Monroe

  • Nancy Osborne

  • Rich Peffer

  • Diane Pusch

  • Brude Southard

  • Wayne Sykes

  • Fran Tewkesbury

  • Triad Bridge Club

  • Melissa Waldron

  • Susan  Williford

SILVER LEVEL:    $100 - $199 per person

  • Daryl Adams

  • Joe Brantley

  • Sydney Cardone

  • Benji Cone

  • David Evans

  • Yvonne Evans

  • Claudia Hale

  • Bob Hale

  • Butch Johnson

  • Mary Leger

  • Avery Lloyd

  • Cam Matthews

  • Tom May

  • Martha Meyer

  • Anne Osborne

  • April Parker

  • Judy Piper

  • Barbara Pomer

  • Suzanne Rhodes

  • Bob Rhodes

  • Diane Shope

  • Ruth Short

  • James Skidmore

  • Becky Smith

  • Andy Symmes

  • Cindy Wright

Life Master Logo_120120.jpg

No One Attains Life Master Status in January

February 1, 2023

No new life masters to announce this month.

Click HERE  for the most recent Changes in Ranks​


District 7 Information

December 16, 2022

Click HERE for the new "Find a Tournament" featuring Entry Express

Click HERE to read "District 7 News"

Click HERE for District 7's Goodwill Message

Click HERE  for the list of National Charity Committee Members appointed by D7 Directors.  Unit 169 members include:  Cindy Wright - Clemmons NC (2019), Bob and Claudia Hale - Greensboro NC (2018) and Marion Secrest - Winston-Salem NC (2002 - deceased)

District 7 has allocated funds to support local activities designed to grow our bridge community. Funding opportunities are now open to our Clubs.  Click HERE for details and guidelines.—Growth & Development Chair, Blondelle Grant

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December 16, 2022


Click HERE for schedule


October 30, 2022


You’re just steps away from joining the world’s biggest and best community of bridge lovers! Soon you’ll be playing bridge, winning masterpoints® and reading the renowned Bridge Bulletin magazine.

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