2021 Unit Game Calendar

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GAME RESULTS for Unit Games (Club 275628)

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In-Person Unit Games

Twice a month on Saturdays at 1:00 pm 

(499er and Open)

Lewis Recreation Center

3110 Forest Lawn Drive

Greensboro NC 

Board meetings** are open to all Unit 169 members


Board meetings normally start at 10:45 a.m. and conclude at approximately 12:30 p.m. 

The Unit's Annual General Meeting is held prior to the holiday party in Greensboro in December. Expected start time is 12:45 p.m.  All members are encouraged to attend.  Timing for this event will be announced in the next few months.

RETURN TO FACE-TO-FACE BRIDGE AT UNIT GAMES: Many of you have started to venture out to Club Games during the week, and we're finally ready to resume the Unit Games in person on two Saturdays per month ... hooray!  These Unit Games will include:

  • 0-499er Masterpoint Game

  • Open Game


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 AT 1:00 PM:  JANE JOHNSON "8-is-Enough" TEAM UNIT GAME at the Lewis Recreation Center,  3110 Forest Lawn Drive,  Greensboro. 

Maximum 8 points per team!

  • "C" players with 0-500 MPs = 1 point each

  • "B" players with 500-2000 MPs = 2 points each

  • "A" players with 2000+ MPs = 3 points each

MPs are determined by ACBL accounting as of September 7 and are listed on the CCBA website's directory:  https://ccbaunit169.org

  • If your total team's points is between 4-5 points, your team is a "C"

  • If your total team's points is between 6-7 points, your team is a "B" 

  • If you total team's points is 8 points, your team is an "A" 


The team pair with the least amount of MPs will determine the direction they want to play for each round.

Please submit your team's members' names to Rich Peffer by October 26.  Let him know if you need help finding a partner or teammates within a specific stratification.  Email rpeffer325@att.net or text Rich at 336-402-5367 


-Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our players, only fully vaccinated players can attend these first Unit games starting in July.  A large percentage of people are now vaccinated, but COVID is still a serious health concern for those who have not yet been vaccinated.  The new Delta variant is easier to catch, and numbers of cases in the US have started to rise.  Therefore, since we are using public facilities, and most of our players are in an age group that can be more seriously impacted by COVID, all players must be vaccinated for now.     

- A Few Days before the Unit Games

-Please pre-register by sending your and your partner's name to rpeffer325@att.net  Take a photo of your vaccine card and email it or text it to the Director, along with you full name (mine is attached below as an example; it's easy!)  The Directors at our weekly games will be helping folks to do this as well, if you'd like.  Also, line up a favorite partner, or email the Unit Game Director to help find one.

- Check-in - The first time you attend a Unit Game, please arrive early so the Director can greet you and get the games organized for a 1:00 pm start. If you haven't emailed/texted your card ahead of time, show your COVID vaccine card (or a photo if it) at the table in the lobby, and we'll check off your name and let you know at which table your are to sit.

- Cost - Still $8 / Free for players with 0-5 MPs

- Food - There will be no food.  Water and coffee will be available.  Folks are free to bring their own lunch for themselves.

- Length of Game - We will play 21-24 boards.  Hand records will be provided following the game.

- Game Time - 1:00 pm starting time.

- Questions? - Please give Rich Peffer (Unit Game director) a call or text at 336-402-5367 / rpeffer325@att.net