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Instructions from 2021

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Introduction to the Stayman and Jacoby Transfer Conventions
Register now for this two-session course!
Learn each convention in a full session.
Get sufficient hands-on practice.
Expect a small class size with highly personalized instruction.

Instructor: Cecelia Ray
Dates: Tuesday, November 28 and Tuesday, December 5
Location: Fellowship Presbyterian Church, 2005 New Garden Rd, Greensboro
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Cost: $50

These classes are intended for newer players who have already started learning bridge and have played for a while. Other players who struggle with these conventions are encouraged to attend no matter how long you have played the game. Common issues are “Which convention do I use?” or “What is my next bid?” in the opener’s seat or the responder’s seat.

Why you need these conventions. After a notrump opening bid or overcall the Stayman and Jacoby transfer conventions allow you to find a fit in a major whenever the responder has either four or five cards in a major. These conventions are widely used and should be part of every player’s bidding toolbox. Once you have mastered the basics, your notrump bidding will be a piece of cake around 90% of the time. (Unscientific guesstimate.) Bridge players love the occasional easy bidding sequence.

Reserve your space today by responding to Cecelia at: or call/text 336-601-5058.

Learn Bridge.  Play Bridge.  Have Fun.


Information and upcoming schedules from Judy Hellen, our Education Liaison. Click HERE for flyer.

  • Classes on Stayman and Jacoby transfer conventions

  • Bridge Basics: An Introduction 

  • Play and Learn in Winston-Salem

  • Opportunity to Play and Practice in Greensboro

Updated news from the Triad Bridge Club. Click HERE for flyer.

  • Club Championship Month of November

  • Barometer Pairs game for NLM

  • Supervised Play

  • Four-is-Enough monthly game

  • Open Swiss Teams

  • Change of Rank

  • Supervised Play schedule

  • Bridge Basics

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Growth and Development Grants Logo.jpg


​Game Type:  Charity Club Championship (extra masterpoints!)

Date:  Saturday, December 9th

Time:  1:00 PM - please arrive at least 15 minutes early

Place:  Fellowship Presbyterian Church, 2005 New Garden Rd., Greensboro NC


The only requirement for being a mentee is that you be a Non-Life Master.  Mentors can be either Life Masters or Non-Life Masters, depending on their preference.  Please let the event coordinators know if you plan to participate and whether you'd like to be a Mentee or a Mentor.  Please provide your name, email address and phone number.


Click HERE for guidelines for the Mentor-Mentee Game with some additional details.  Still have questions?  Contact one of the coordinators and they'll be glad to help. 


We would love for people to bring food (or make a donation towards the purchase of food) so that this can be a really festive event!


Looking forward to seeing lots of you at the game!


Mentor-Mentee Coordinators for December 9:

For the Greensboro area:

Barbara Pomer - / 336-202-1299 or

Andy Symmes - / 336-553-8485


For the Winston-Salem area:

Martha Meyer - / 336-416-3049


Saturday, December 16
Georgia Taylor Recreation Center
1471 W. Clemmonsville Road in Winston-Salem

POTLUCK LUNCHEON AT NOON (Set-up at 11:40 am)
Bring your favorite luncheon dish, side dish, or dessert to share.
Please coordinate with Cam Matthews /
or Brenda Garzia /

Brief review of 2023 Unit 169 financials and accomplishments


Sectional Tournament at Clubs where you can earn silver masterpoints!

Come and join the fun!


Unit 169 would like to encourage local bridge teachers, directors, club managers and players to start new activities that promote the learning and enjoyment of bridge.  To help foster the startup and success of these activities, the Unit is offering small monetary grants ($200-$400) to be used in a maximum 6-month time period, in support of certain activities. 

Guidelines used in evaluation of the grant applications:

  • preference to educational initiatives

  • mindful that grants should not be reimbursing clubs or individuals for costs that would be spent in any case (rent, ACBL dues, etc)

  • encourage efforts/programs that can be expanded into other areas of the Unit

  • give preference to new projects over existing ones

Some areas where these Growth and Development Grants can be used:

  • educational programs

  • development of new players (supervised play, mentoring programs, etc.)

  • outreach to lapsed members

  • integration of social players and groups

  • startup costs to get a new club, social group, youth program up and running.

NAP Louisville Finals 2024_First.jpg


North American Pairs (NAP) is a national-level contest.  District 7 Finals are being held in October, 2023 for those who qualified at the club level and are members of the parent district. To see if you’ve qualified at the club level, and in which stratification, search for your name on the District 7 Qualifier List:  Click HERE, or

Stratifications (A, B or C):  Determined by ACBL records of your masterpoints as of May 6, 2023.

  • Flight C: Non-Life Master <500 – You may play in exactly 1 of these sites:

  • September 9, Atlanta GA, 10:00 am and 2:30 pm

  • October 19, Winston-Salem NC, 10:00 am and 2:30 pm / Pre-registration required.  For information and flyer, Click HERE 

  • October 28, Charlotte NC, 10:00 am and 2:20 pm

  • Flight B: 500-2500 – District Final in Charlotte NC on October 29 at 10:00 and 2:30 pm. 

  • Flight A: Open (>2500) – District Final in Charlotte NC on October 28, at 10:00 am and 2:30 pm. 


Top four pairs in Flight B and C will receive an invitation to the NABC Finals in Louisville, KY in March 2024. In Flight A, the 3 or 4 top pairs will receive an invitation to the NABC Finals in Louisville.

Subsidies:  Each player who finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive a subsidy to defray travel costs while attending the NABC National Finals in person.  No individual may collect two concurrent subsidies.  You will receive this after providing proof of NABC NAP event participation. 

More details about the District 7 NAP Finals and attendance at the National Finals are available on the District 7 website:  Click HERE, or

District NAP Coordinator is Lee Webb: / 803-331-6894

Link to District 7 Conditions of Contest:  Click HERE, or

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Next Chance to Learn Bridge Basics in September


Judy Hellen, certified ACBL Best Practices Teacher, is offering Bridge Basics I: An Introduction. This is a proven entry course that will give each student a good foundation for the game. Judy’s style is to have smaller, personalized classes that typically last no more than four weeks. The play is the thing and you will get plenty of practice planning and playing a hand. After this class you will have the tools to enter a social game or a novice duplicate game.


Who is the class designed for?

The class is designed for players 

  • who are brand new to bridge,

  • who want to re-enter the game (remember college?), and

  • who would like a structured review to get your game dusted off.


Class Structure

BBI will meet once a week for 4 weeks. The class provides an introduction to all three parts of the game: 

  • Play of the Hand - analyzing your and your partner’s hand to see where tricks can be made and what techniques to use.

  • Bidding - communicating with your partner through bidding to reach the best contract.

  • Defense - communicating with your partner through cards played so your side can take your share of tricks.


Four sessions:

Session 1: The Basics

Session 2: Notrump Opening Bids and Responses

Session 3: Major Suit Opening Bids and Responses

Session 4: Minor Suit Opening Bids and Responses


Dates & Location

Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:45 am, starting September 6th and ending on September 27th. 


Classes will be held at Fellowship Presbyterian Church, 2005 New Garden Rd. in Greensboro. 



The registration fee is $100 for all four sessions and class size is limited to 16 students. An accompanying book is highly recommended and can be purchased at a discount from the instructor. 


Please register in advance by emailing Judy Hellen at or call/text 336-558-3613.


We look forward to seeing you in class!!

Summer Sectional Logo.jpg

Winston-Salem Sectional - August 11-13



Neil Bolton Home & Garden Center Building - Gate 9

Winston-Salem Fairgrounds - 421 W. 27th Street, Winston-Salem  NC  27105

Friday, August 11 - Single Sessions - 10:00 am & 2:30 pm

     ACBL EDUCATION FUND DAY - Regionally rated games!  More silver points at no extra charge!

     Stratified Open and 499er Pairs - Life Masters may play in 499er Pairs but must have <500 MPs.


Saturday, August 12 - Single Sessions - 10:00 am & 2:30 pm

     Stratified Open and 499er Pairs -  Life Masters may play in 499er Pairs but must have <500MPs.


Sunday, August 13 - 2-Session Swiss Teams - 10:00 am & TBA

     Stratified Open and 499er Swiss Teams - Lunch included for all Swiss Team




HOST HOTEL:  Best Western Plus University Inn, 3050 University Parkway, Winston-Salem.

Call 336-723-2911, select Front Desk, ask for “Bridge Tournament” 109 per night, plus taxes. 

Cut-off August 1.  Online hotel reservations:

Click HERE for flyer with detailed information

  • Winton-Salem Summer Sectional finished Sunday. Congratulations to Chairperson, Cam Matthews. See all masterpoint winners here.

FREE Learn to Play Duplicate 8-Week Course.jpg

Presented by the Central Carolina Bridge Association, District 7 - Unit 169 and taught by Peter C. Boyd-Bowman, Gold Life Master and Club Director







Note: Intermediate bridge players welcome to improve their game by joining the classes starting August 18.


August 11, 18 & 25

Greensboro Public Library

Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch

1420 Price Park Drive, Greensboro 27410

Phone: 336-373-2923

September 1, 8 & 15

Greensboro Public Library

Benjamin Branch

1530 Benjamin Parkway, Greensboro 27408

Phone: 336-373-7540

September 22 & 29

To be determined

Click HERE for printable flyer and further information

ALZ heart logo.JPG

Monetary donations raised so far for Unit 169 Alzheimer's Fundraiser is $11,231 topping last year's efforts!   Until July 31, we are still accepting your tax-deductible checks payable to "Alzheimer's Association." Send to Fran Tewksbury, 1005 Country Club Drive, Greensboro NC 27408,  We thank our membership for their generous donations.

ALZ heart logo.JPG

Winners of Silent Auction Fundraiser for Alzheimer's


Unit members who bid and won the silent auction items are as follows.  Total funds received are still being collected and will be reported soon.  Thank you for your generous support.

Debbie Monroe - Bridge play with Peter J. Boyd-Bowman

Avery Lloyd - Bridge play with Kathie Dwyer

Marty Friedman - Bridge play with Bob Hale

Daryl Adams - Bridge play with Josh Hoffman

Barbara Pomer - Bridge play with David Idleman

Suzanne Rhodes - Bridge play with Tom May

Melissa Waldron - Bridge play with Rich Peffer

Barbara Pomer - Bridge play with Bruce Southard

Rich Peffer - Bridge play with Bill Wisdom

Gwen Blackmer - Bridge Play with Cindy Wright

Susan Williford - Bridge play with Jim Beam

Barbara Pomer - Bridge play with Ruth Short

Pat Cambareri - Team play with Fran Tewkesbury & Debbie Monroe

Pam Bloom & Leslie Ogden - Team play with Martha & Mark Meyer

Avery Lloyd & Daryl Adams - Judy Helen mentoring and BBO-2

Various winners for Rich Peffer lessons and BBO

Peter J. Boyd-Bowman - for Claudia Hale's framed daffodil painting

Fran Tewkesbury - for Claudia Hale's framed tulip painting

Various winners for Claudia Hale's handmade tile coasters

Claudia Hale - for Dixie Culver's pool party for 8

Avery Lloyd, Peter J. Boyd-Bowman & Melissa Walddron - for Debbie Elston's pot pies

ALZ Longest Day.jpg

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the ACBL's partnership with the Alzheimer's Association. Our unit has been one of the leading contributors in the U.S. This year there are three ways to make a gift: Play in the Longest Day Unit Game, make a bid (or several) in the Silent Auction or make a direct contribution.

The Longest Day Event

The 1:00 pm June 24 Unit game at the Georgia Taylor Center at 1471 W. Clemmonsville Road in Winston-Salem is a special Alzheimer’s charity game in honor of The Longest Day. The entry fee for this game is $10, with 100% of game proceeds going directly to the Alzheimers Association.

Silent Auction

Our traditional silent auction is offering a number of new auction items this year. You may submit your bids at the game or before the game. There is no requirement to attend the game. Email your highest bid to Fran Tewkesbury at by noon Saturday, June 24.


As always, you’ll have the opportunity to bid on a game with some of the best players in the Unit, as well as a pair of players who will team with you for a Unit or Sectional game.

The individual players are:

◉ Peter J. Boyd-Bowman     

◉ Kathie Dwyer     

◉ Bob Hale     

◉ Josh Hoffman     

◉ David Idleman     

◉ Tom May     

◉ Rich Peffer        

◉ Bruce Southard   

◉ Bill Wisdom     

◉ Cindy Wright

The team is: 

◉ Debbie Monroe and Fran Tewkesbury

◉ Martha and Mark Meyer

Other auction items include:

     ◉  Judy Hellen's mentoring and play

     ◉  Rich Peffer's mentoring and play

     ◉  Claudia Hale's handcrafted tile coasters, set of four (see below)

     ◉  Claudia Hale's two framed original oil paintings (see below)

     ◉  Dixie Culver's poolside cocktail party for 8

     ◉  Debbie Elston's chicken pot pies

Instant Matchpoint Game.JPG

WIN GOLD at Instant Matchpoint Games July 10


Exclusively for face-to-face clubs, the ACBL-wide Summer Instant Matchpoint Game (IMG) will be held on July 10. For a list of participating clubs, click here.  Unit 169 clubs participating are:  Grand Slammers and Happy Hearts (Winston-Salem) and Triad Bridge Club (Greensboro).

What is an IMG?  Instant Matchpoint Games are made up of deals that are scored in advance, and all participating clubs play the same deals. Because the deals have already been scored, players get the instant gratification of seeing their Matchpoint result at the conclusion of every deal from the travelling score slip that accompanies each board.

Need Gold? The Summer IMG will award one Gold masterpoint to each N-S and E-W pair that tops their section.

Video and Written Analysis of the Deals:  Play in the event on July 10 and come back HERE on July 11 for exclusive video analysis from experts Robert Barrington and Gavin Wolpert.  They will provide lively commentary, pro tips and more on 10 of the most interesting deals (in their opinion!) from the game.

A full written analysis of all 36 deals will be available at your club or you can download it HERE after the event.

At the Gate City Sectional, Jim Skidmore received the David Parsons Award for 2022. This award recognizes the non-Life Master player in the Unit who accumulates the most masterpoints during the calendar year.


Congratulations, Skiddie! 

Highlights of Gate City Sectional 

May 11-13, 2023

A robust turnout of players experienced three days of high-level bridge and fellowship at the Bur-Mil Clubhouse in Greensboro, NC this past week.

This year, the Jefferson Trophy in Memory of Ken Anderson was awarded to David Idleman, the player who earned the most total masterpoints during the GSO Sectional in May.

Congratulations to all participants, our tournament Chair (Dixie Culver), her experienced mentor (Debbie Monroe) and everyone who helped set up and run this successful tournament for our Unit.  A special "thank you" to members of The Players Club for their additional financial support.  Full results of all pairs and team matches for the tournament are available via ACBL Live at the following link

Continuing Bridge Lessons with Cindy Wright in May

Cindy, an ACBL Best Practices Certified Teacher, is offering a series of lessons suitable for beginner as well as intermediate bridge players. You will receive instruction the first hour of the class, then practice bidding and playing hands in the next two hours. Following each hand we will have a short discussion of how the hand should be bid and played. We will also discuss opening leads and defensive play when appropriate. There are handouts for each class.

Sign up today and spread the word to any of your social bridge player friends. Contact Cindy at or 336-407-9842.

Below is an overview. Full details can be found here.

When: Wednesdays, May 10, 17, 24, and 31 from 1:00-4:00 pm

Where: Georgia Taylor Recreation Center,

            1471 W. Clemmonsville Rd


Cost: $40 per class or $120 for all four classes


  • May 10 - Opening "Weak Two Bids"

  • May 17 - Opening Strong "Two Club Bids"

  • May 24 - Slam Bidding - Gerber and Blackwood

  • May 31 - Defensive Carding

Parsons 2022_edited.jpg

Hiring Bridge Headmaster

As part of our initiative to increase our membership, the Central Carolina Bridge Association (Unit 169) is kicking off a program to expand opportunities for learning the game of bridge. We are seeking a project manager to handle these tasks:

  • Recruit new and existing teachers who are willing to combine efforts across our Unit to maximize our effectiveness in attracting and retaining new players

  • Consider how online beginner lessons can form a part of our training plans

  • Set up a schedule of classes, so that we have frequent offerings of beginner and advancing beginner lessons.

  • Create a common syllabus of bidding agreements for beginner lessons

  • Provide train-the-trainer workshop(s), using ACBL trainers and/or our own trainers.

  • Promote the classes. Identify and incorporate ACBL support programs to help attract students.

  • Assemble a database of prospects that all participating teachers can draw from.

  • Evaluate and modify the program of classes over time, based on experience and feedback.


This is a paid position. We are accepting applications until Saturday, June 10, 2023. If interested, please notify Dixie Culver at / 336-457-7107 /, or Rich Peffer at 336-402-5367 /

David Parsons Award Goes to Jim Skidmore

ACBL Eileen Osofsky Goodwill logo_blue.JPG



Cindy was selected by the District 7 Board of Directors as an Eileen Osofsky National Goodwill Ambassador.  Cindy will be recognized with a pin at a national celebration in June in Greenville, SC.  Cindy had served as the Unit’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2018.  It is hard to list all of Cindy’s contributions to the game of bridge.  Cindy has been a member of our Unit for over 28 years, served on the board for over 10 years.  Cindy  currently directs several games each week in Winston Salem and has been the long-term Tournament Chair for the late summer Winston Salem  Sectional.   Cindy was the Tournament Chair for our first NLM Regional held in High Point in 2019.  That tournament was one of the first NLM regionals and was one of the best attended in the country and a big financial success.  Cindy agreed to Chair our second NLM tournament last February. Cindy has served as Unit Director in the past.  Her efforts to get people out to play bridge are noteworthy.  Cindy has grown our Winton Salem membership.  She helped jumpstart the Unit’s offering of “Learn Bridge in a Day” program with Rich Peffer.  We are so happy that the District 7 recognized what Unit 169  has know for a long time.  Cindy is the glowing example of a Goodwill Ambassador.  Cindy congratulations!

Mentoring clip.webp

January - April of 2023 in Unit 169 is Mentor-Mentee Season.  

One of the BEST ways to develop as a player is to have a Mentor, an experienced player who will partner with a newer player and help them grasp new concepts and skills at bridge.  We hope that YOU will be a part of this, either as a Mentor or as a Mentee.  M-M pairs are asked to play together at least 4 times in local games during Jan. – April. The season culminates on April 15, with the special Mentor-Mentee Celebration at the Unit Game in Greensboro. Please reserve this date on your calendar, andcontact one of the M-M Coordinators to sign up.

Please sign up to be a Mentor or Mentee today!

Coordinators for the 2023 Mentor-Mentee Program are: 

For the Greensboro area:  Cecelia Ray (, 336-375-6805), assisted by Rich Peffer

For the Winston-Salem area:  Martha Meyer (,  
336-416-6998), assisted by Cindy Wright

Questions? Want more info? See the Guidelines at this  link .

Jerry Helms.png
Goodwill logo.JPG


Unit 169 has elected Dixie Culver and Rich Peffer to be our 2023/2024 Goodwill Ambassadors.  Dixie and Rich will represent our Unit at the District 7 celebration in Greenville, South Carolina in June.


Dixie and Rich were nominated by members at large in our Unit and were elected by the Unit Board in December 2022. A ”Goodwill Ambassador” is one of the highest honors bestowed by our Unit 169, District 7 and the ACBL.  This honor represents members who love the game of bridge and exhibit excellent manners at the table, respectful of fellow players and have contributed to the growth and enjoyment of the game.  Both Dixie and Rich have shown themselves to be excellent examples of these values.


Dixie has been a member of Unit 169 for over 10 years.  She has served on our Board of Directors for the last 5 years.  Currently Dixie is the Secretary/Treasurer of Unit 169.  She manages all of our financial accounts and is responsible for budgeting and planning our activities for the year.  She has given her time freely supporting our tournaments and helping with our Unit games.  If you need something done Dixie is always the first person raising her hand to help.  Dixie is creative and has brought new ideas and practices into Unit 169.  She is thoughtful and a great friend of the game.


Rich Peffer has been a member of Unit 169 for 12 years and has served on the Board for the last 4 years. Rich is a bridge teacher and a Director and runs several games in the area.   He engaged the Unit’s members to support our very successful “Learn Bridge is  a Day” Program in August 2022, which attracted over 120 new players.  He applied  for and received grants from the ACBL and District 7 to help fund this project.  He hired Patty Tucker a renowned bridge teacher to run this event.  Currently,  Rich is the point person  for growing our membership.  He gives his time freely to mentor new players and is working very hard to find new directors and teachers for Unit 169.  Rich is  our Unit’s Game Director two Saturdays a month.  Durning the pandemic, Rich was responsible for keeping our members safe when they attended Unit games and tournaments.


Both Dixie and Rich are great examples of people in Unit 169 who help make our bridge experience in the Triad fun.  Their efforts are duly recognized by our Membership and the Board.  Congratulations,  Dixie and Rich for being Unit 169, 2023/2024, Goodwill Ambassadors.

High Point Schedule

Reservations are now requested for the High Point Duplicate Bridge game.
Please respond to by 6pm on Wednesday. 

We will send an email out Wednesday night stating how many will be attending on Thursday afternoon.

Do not use GPS to find the Senior Center. You will likely end up at the old location.
Program in 921 Eastchester Drive, High Point, NC 27262

Roy B. Culler, Jr., Senior Center located in the old Oak Hollow Mall, 921 Eastchester Drive, #1230 in High Point. 

Please sign in and designate "Bridge" at the welcome desk as you enter the lobby. 

Game starts at 1:00 pm and is in "Card Room 2."   Please be seated with your partner by 12:55 pm.  

Please silence your cellphones.  $8 Fee



  Open Games

  Guest Director, Rick Morgan, thru 2022.  Contact Rick at (336) 465-0685 or

Roy B. Culler, Jr. Senior Center (in the old Oak Hollow Mall across from the Marriott)

921 Eastchester Dr., Suite 1230, High Point

Click HERE for directions to venue

Gloria Halstead, Director

(202) 213-5672/




  Open Games

  Guest Director, Rick Morgan, thru 2022.  Contact Rick at (336) 465-0685 or

Roy B. Culler, Jr. Senior Center (in the old Oak Hollow Mall across from the Marriott)

921 Eastchester Dr., Suite 1230, High Point

Click HERE for directions to venue

Gloria Halstead, Director

(202) 213-5672 /


Virtual games on BBO under SE Carolina Online Bridge Club

Click underscored link for either SE Consortium (VACB262410) or SE Winston-Salem Area's (VACB169961) member

Furniture City club's information, results and online schedule.



Directory Listings & Email Blasts

Click HERE for illustrated instructions on how to update your contact information (and other) through the ACBL website.


Changes to your contact information must be submitted to ACBL.  CCBA Unit 169 receives monthly membership reports from ACBL.  Information on these reports are used for our website's Member Directory, as well as our email blasts which are sent by a third party.


To keep your contact information up-to-date, please make any changes through the website, or send to  Please include your ACBL member number.

Camera Image.png


Unit 169 Events, Gatherings, Newsletters and More!


The website has a special page where photos are posted from Unit events.  You can find the Photos under the "Membership" tab in the green navigational bar at the top of the Home page.


Click HERE  to be directed to the Photos page for HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FROM TRIAD BRIDGE CLUB

Unit 169 Events, Gatherings, Newsletters and More!

se carolina online bridge consortium.jpg

Removed 23-01-07


* 2023 Game Prices

*  SE Carolina Academy Lesson Info

*  Robbie & Robette Invite You to Play

January 1, 2023






Click HERE for SE Carolina On Demand Recorded Lessons


Click HERE for general information about the Consortium and SE Winston-Salem Online Bridge Clu


Removed 2023-01-07


Bridge Base Online



New to BBO …  Click HERE  for a tutorial on how to play on BBO. 

For more information and help, Click HERE     

For BBO mobile help, Click HERE

For Online Etiquette, Click HERE

For YouTube Video on "Getting Started with BridgeBase Online" Click HERE

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